Best Geyser Review in 2020

Best Geyser Review:
Nothing is more relaxing than a hot shower after a long tiring day of office work. A hot shower is a must-have thing in winter days too. To minimize the hassle, geysers are the most popular choice of consumers. Safe Life Technology is one of the major suppliers for quality geysers in Bangladesh. They are one of the leading security products company in this country. Among their numerous products, we are going to talk about three geysers which are most preferable because of their performance and user experience.

Best quality electric water showers instant hot water:
Safe life technology provides a very useful electric water shower that supplies instant hot water. This is a really uncomplicated and futuristic innovation of all time. It is very advantageous for the demand of supplying hot water instantly.

Product Description:
This geyser uses the heater made by Italian corporation Ariston Thermo. The tank covering is made from glass holes to avoid erosion. This model has a totally automatic operation, so it is easy to use. It is compact in size, which will be a great fit for your bathroom. The capacity of this model is 10 gallons or 45 liters which enable a 75% savings of energy cost. The water inlet connection is ¾ BSP which fulfills the standard requirement of plumbing fittings. The maximum power consumption of this model is 2.5KW. It uses voltages ranging from 230-240 volts which is the standard supply voltage in our country. Wattage use is 1500 watt. It is provided with 95% thermal control, which ensures great user-friendly nature. The maximum temperature is 50 degrees Celsius.


Q. Does this product come with a warranty?
A. Yes, of course. There are 3 years of product warranty.

Q. How safe is it for regular use?
A. The maximum temperature of this model is 50 degrees Celsius which is mostly harmless, but the main attraction would be the 95% thermal control and electricity protection. So there’s a low chance for any unwanted accident.

Q. How will it affect the electricity cost?
A. The power consumption of this geyser model is 2.5KW, which is pretty low compared to other electrical appliances. So there will be a slight rise in bills but not a surge.

Q. Does it require a large space?
A. No. the model is compact, as mentioned beforehand. It is also easy to install. So it will be compatible with the standard sized bathrooms.

If you are thinking of a compatible, easy, and cost-effective solution to the hot water supply problem, this geyser model is a life-saver for you. You can get all of these wonderful facilities with the cost of a very little amount of money and little use of space at home.

10-B GDT Water Heaters Automatic Electric Geyser
Another interesting and eye-catching model from The Appear is the 10-B GDT Electric Geyser. It is a better version of the previous model having additional features.

Product Description:
The heater used in this geyser is also made by the Italian company Ariston. The manufacturer of this geyser is Safe Life. The tanks are covered by glass holes so that there is no corrosion. The dimension of this model is 40X45X45 cm. The size of this model is 10 gallons, which causes the weight to be 13kg. It can provide the user with 45 liters of water per hour. It will be most suitable for families having 1-5 persons.
This model can be used up to the 12th floor of a building. It has a water inlet of ½ inch that means more flow of water. The water connection is side-mounted. It needs a 220v voltage supply. The maximum watt for this model is 1200 watt. The additional feature is the multiple safety systems. This reduces energy-saving slightly than the previous model but it is still a pretty good deal to have a 60% saving on energy cost.

Q. What happens if the geyser is not working?
A. like all other products, this model also has a product warranty which is of 3 years. Another benefit of buying this model is having the 1 year of service warranty.

Q. Is there any safety measure?
A. The model has multiple safety systems that protect the geyser from all the possible problems like dry heating, overheating or overpressure.

Q. Is the installation hectic?
A. No, the installation is not hectic, but it is conditional. The conditions are like – highest installable height for the geyser is the 12th floor, or there has to be enough space, etc.

If you are thinking of a budget-friendly, energy saving geyser, this model will be the best choice for you. Though the price of this model is a little more than the previous one, it is worth the experience.


10-B GDT Water Heaters Automatic Electric Geyser With Safety Filter:
This is another of the geyser model manufactured by Safe life Technology. This model is almost the same as the previous model. The price is slightly higher than the previous two models, but the reason is one key feature.

Product Description:
Like the previous models, this also has the heater made in Italy by Ariston company. The size of this geyser is 10 gallons and the dimensions are 40X45X45 cm. The supply water capacity is 45 liters per hour. A family consisting of members up to 5 persons can easily use this geyser for daily uses. The highest usable floor is the 12th floor which pretty high. The model weighs 13 kg and has a corrosion-free tank covering by glass holes just like the other two.
This model is operated at 220V and 1200 watt. It has ½ inch water inlet, which serves well for nuclear families with moderate use of geyser. The excess price than the previous model is because of the geyser safety filter provided with it. It also has the safety systems for other problems like overheating or overpressure. This product comes with 3 years of product warranty and 1 year of service warranty.

Q. Are geysers prone to accidents?
A. with proper safety measures, regular inspection, and supervision geysers are harmless like most other electric appliances.

Q. How to know if the water is overheated?
A., Unlike other models, this is provided with a dual-color indicator lamp for power connection and also for the heating condition. So it will be easy for you to operate it.

Each of the discussed models has its individual advantages. As the company is giving the best price deal along with so many features for these models, it is high time for you to choose from them as soon as possible and make your life comfortable.