Best Water Filters

Best Water Purifiers

Karofi has an extensive range of water purifiers that are available in Bangladesh. Made by a joint venture of Vietnam, Korea, and Taiwan, these water purifiers use reverse osmosis technology that ensures very intricate and fine filtration of water.

Karofi also offers some of the best water purifiers in Bangladesh. Here, we have highlighted four of the models offering a variety of options and applications.

Karofi led light indicator water purifier

One of Karofi’s sleekest designs and elegant looking model, this 6-stage water purifier is made by Vietnam, Korea, and Taiwan joint venture. The shape and looks of the purifier make it easy to place at any corner of the home.

Product Description

This uses RO (reverse technology) to filter water. It has 6 steps for advanced water purification. The
first stage filters the micron sediment from the water. The second stage includes carbon filtration
(OCB and CTO respectively). The fourth stage infuses the RO element via a membrane, followed by
the odor control at the fifth stage. Finally, the process finishes with the mineral filtration cartridges.
The machine uses 220v and 1.2 ma to function. Has a child-safe lock, thus, protects your house from
the mischiefs of your little ones. Also, an unprecedented hot water stream might cause accidents.
The purifier has both hot and cold-water exertion options. So, it is very beneficial for households
where people need to use hot water frequently. The LED lights are helpful to check the availability of
The product has 1 year of service warranty and a 1-year guarantee on the product itself. The compressor is made by LG in Korea, and the pump is by Headon in Taiwan. The faucet is a push-type
tap that needs to be pressed on to get water. It can eject 12-15-liter water per hour. The hot water
tank can retain 2 liters of water and the cold one can 3.2 liters. It is usable for a place of 12-15 people.

Q: is the hot water tap child-safe?
A: yes, it is completely child-safe. It has a child-safe lock to prevent the water streaming from the
taps temporarily.
Q: can it be installed in a workplace?
A: this unit serves approximately 15 people. If you are thinking of installing it in a small space with
fewer people or only for a specific department of a floor, this can be helpful machine and with an
added feature of hot water for your tea or coffee breaks.
If you think you will require hot/warm water frequently in your house, this led indicator purifier is a
good choice. This purifier is a great machine to keep at home because it does not need too much
space. So, space is a concern for your household, this unit will turn out to be very efficient.

Karofi commercial 400gpd water purifier
Another effective RO purifier by the Karofi is this 400GPD water purifier. This gets the highest quantity of water purified among all the machines in this list using the same amount of time.

Product description

As the name suggests, it is an equipment that is best to be applied for commercial uses. This purifier by Karofi is more suitable for workspace or offices having 40-60 people.

This uses RO (reverse innovation) to channel water. It has 6 stages for cutting edge water cleaning.
The principal stage channels the micron dregs from the water. The subsequent stage incorporates carbon filtration (OCB and CTO separately). The fourth stage injects the RO component employing a layer, trailed by the smell control at the fifth stage. At last, the procedure gets done with the mineral filtration cartridges. This comes with a 1-year warranty for services and a 1-year product guarantee. The faucet is a goose-type one, similar to the water sinks. It uses 220v and 1.2 ma of AC.

This is one of the priciest purifiers by Karofi, however, the large volume of water purification
explains the hefty price tag.

Q: does the unit make noise in active state?
A: this makes a sound while refilling the water after ejection, but only to the extent of other water
purifiers. That is not much of a noise and it only lasts for a few seconds.
Q: does it take a long time to refill the water back again?
A: although this unit is quite larger than compared to most other RO units, this does not need long
to refill the water back in its tank.

400 GPD purifier purifies a large volume of water and is most expensive in this list. We recommend this one to be installed at workplaces with around 50 people working at a time.

Karofi 200gpd water purifier

This machine has half the capacity compared to the previous unit. So, this is a good alternative to that when you don’t need that much drinking water.

Product description

This purifier yields 200 gallons of purified water per day with 6-stage RO technology. This is applicable for the places around 30 people.

The unit uses 6 steps of the purification process. It utilizes the RO system. Similar to the other 6-
stage purification procedure, this method begins with a sediment separation of 5 microns. The
carbon is then extracted by OCB and CTO at the 2nd and 3rd stage, and the RO membrane is injected
at the next stage. Instead, the odor is eliminated and, in the final step, the mineral is purified by a cartridge.

The production capacity of this stands at 100 gallons per day, meaning 15-18 liters per hour. The tank has a capacity of 12 liters (3.2 gallons). The faucet is a goose-type single hand streaming.

This comes with a warranty of 1 year and a product guarantee of 1 year. The pump is made in Taiwan and the compressor is made by LG in Korea.

Q: why RO is better than the regular water purifiers?
A: RO uses multi-step filtration process that eliminates a lot of unnecessary particles in water.
Besides, this uses a membrane to dilute some of the harmful chemicals like chlorine to make the water clean and pure.
Q: is RO absolutely essential at home?
A: RO units are great investments that you can do for your family. Boiling and filtering water in conventional way is safe. But you get to have the cleanest and purest drinking water through RO which is quite similar as the bottled drinking water.

This easy-to-use RO filter works effectively to provide you clean drinking water at home. It can also be shared among 2-3 families as it has a capacity to serve around 30 people.

Karofi cabinet 100gpd water purifier

The petit sized purifier is ideal to place in any corner of the house. The design and build of the purifier allow easy operation.

Product description

The machine uses 6 stages to the purification process. This incorporates RO technology. Similar to other 6-stage purification, the process on this one starts with 5-micron sediment separation. Then carbon is eliminated at the 2nd and 3rd stage by OCB and CTO respectively, and the RO element is infused at the next stage. Then odor is 5-micron removed and in the final stage, the mineral is filtered by a cartridge.

The production capacity of the purifier is 15-18 liters per hour. Which serves around 20 people quite easily. The faucet is goose-type, used with one hand.

This machine too is operated at 220v with 1.2 ma and has a service warranty of 1 year with 1 year of product guarantee. The product is made in Vietnam and made by a joint venture of Vietnam, Korea, and Taiwan.

Q: does all Ro filters use 6-stage purification?
A: no. A lot of brands and models use RO technology in ranges of stages of filtration starting from 2
to 8. But the stage doesn’t explain the performance, however. Most purifiers have 5 stages of
Q: does ros waste a lot of water?
A: in a way, RO units need a lot of water to cleanse the water itself, more than the water is
consumed. However, it is not on a massive scale that would set you back with more utility bills.
Q: is it true that RO units cannot eliminate chlorine?
A: indeed, RO filters do not remove chlorine from the water completely. But, what it does, it
dissolves the particles with the help of RO membranes. That way, it gets rid of the harmful effects of
chlorine, making it ineffective in a way without actually removing.

This purifying unit is the most space friendly and adjustable among all due to its compact size. If you need a machine to attach in a small space, consider this to be an excellent option.

All of these filters mentioned here use RO technology. Apart from the led indicator purifier, the other ones serve more or less the same purpose, only varying on the design and capacity. Depending on your need, they are well-suited for your home and workplace. The other three models are perfect for households. Al in all, these purifiers are tested to perform the best to deliver you the cleanest water possible.
So, if you are thinking of installing a quality water purifier, choosing among
these would be a good idea.